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WeValueYou (CIC) Community

Stakeholder driven the WeValueYou Community exists to build social emotional capabilities deep within society. Preventative action which helps break down the stigma of, and build resilience against, the destructive and socioeconomic impacts of mental ill-health, depression, anxiety and improve people’s living standards through supported opportunities that sustain development within the communities we work in.

In particular although not limited to, the company’s activities will be carried on for the benefit of students, youth workers/adults and individual’s/community groups.

Collaboration and Research

Collaborative and research-focused provisions which exist to build vital capability deep inside communities; to transform the provision of solutions and enhance people’s health impact across geographic areas within the United Kingdom and internationally.

How do we do this?

Our Objectives are to deliver proven solutions/models and deploy them for the betterment of others. People will benefit from safer decent homes through improved living standards, a more recognised benefit service for the care community through a Care Club and a commercial solution that provides wide ranging support mechanism for the blind community. This will have the effect of improved health, wellbeing, wealth and reduced mental health/anxiety/ with a more self-managed teaching.

Our Specialties

We specialise in enablement for others through sustained commercial models that provide circular self-rotating solutions (SRS) that supports sustainable development without the need for continued cash calls after launch.

We work on local, national, and international issues.

Our Position

By positioning capability solutions deep within community education and youth work provision, and by enhancing relief capability through sustained commercial solutions that define the solution for that community we can support and empower entire communities to improve their development and give them the support they need that will greatly enhance and strengthen their mind sets into more positive territory and help them to work with their own lives in a more managed way.

Only then can communities address the root causes of serious problems such as: alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, domestic violence and abuse, as well as heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases that are more often than not derived through poor communities. Often such services cost money to access but through the WeValueYou relief fund services a large part of this solution will be free to access making it more reachable and more engaging.

The WeValueYou service is designed to sell goods and services and put those profits back into a relief fund available for sustained health improvement. This works through We Value You selling its services and all profits supporting health development and data proven decrease in ill health working with Universities and the United Nations as well as other related academic bodies and health bodies.

Our Team

Our team consists of specialists in their fields of Healthcare, Health and Wellbeing, Teaching, Risk Assessment and Health and Safety and Care within the human and environmental areas.


Buy into change by buying shares in human betterment. Receive a ROI of 100% on your investment. Receive a share certificate based on environmental values and report each month on what your funding has done and for whom.


Instead of investing for a financial return invest for a share in improving your environment and be part of a valued return in human terms.

£1 equals 1 environmental share.


Our target is to raise £150,000 through grants and fundraising to complete the systems we are working on and launch in early 2022. This investment will help millions of people in the UK and worldwide recover and grow into thriving sustainable communities which also reduce costs to the NHS and gives commercial support to impoverished charities and causes.

Our Causes

Help See The Blind

Unique sites supporting the blind UK community

Providing a wide range of links and information for parents, children, teachers, and health professionals to access information on a wide range of products andA unique e-commerce model that will go a long way to help eliminate avoidable global blindness. A trading portal for consumers to purchase services or products.

This initiative will create new employment opportunities, reduce depression, anxiety, suicides in this community and improve the wealth and wellbeing of families and individuals suffering from eye ill health.

Your engagement with WeValueYou (CIC) supports this continued work.

Care Club International

A unique way to support people who care

Care Club International is a defined solution for caring communities. It delivers a wide range of unique services that support a healthier, happier, lower cost way of life for Carers. It covers all those who care for people, animals, environmentalists, etc.

Any member can for the first time be part of a global solution reaching millions of peoples lives with recognised proven services.

Property Health Services Red and Blue Logo

Property Health Services

For Domestic, Commercial, and NHS properties

A property health improvement firm specialising in ensuring that landlords are fully covered for their legal duties under health and safety law as well as ensuring tenants live safely and in an improved property.

We work through and with lettings agents who often struggle to manage such services.

We have developed a bespoke solution that saves Landlord’s money and time through centralised property safe surveys covering ALL forms of risks with sponsored corrective repairs if a risk is found during the survey.

Lets work together

Find out more how you can help us improve peoples lives globally and support better health and wellbeing in your communities.