We Value You is a not-for-profit incubator of commercial strategies to provide real time self-funded commerce solutions for carers, the blind, students, tenants, and women’s refuges.

Our concept is that people will buy goods and services through one of these sites. The profit from each purchase gets distributed direct to the community. There are no Shareholders or costly board members to pay.

Your sponsorship means each commerce site can be implemented and become live faster, enabling us to act on real time issues in communities across the UK.

Our sites under construction


About us

At We Value You (C.I.C.), we are driven by a profound commitment to empower and uplift communities across the world through the cultivation of social and emotional capabilities. Our mission is centred on fostering a sense of unity and purpose among all stakeholders, creating a harmonious environment where individuals can thrive both personally and collectively.

In a world often plagued by the repercussions of neglect, we firmly believe in the power of prevention. By addressing challenges at their roots, we aim to erode the stigma surrounding issues such as malnutrition, poor eyesight, and mental health concerns. Through our proactive approach, we work tirelessly to build resilience within communities, enabling them to confront and overcome the destructive impacts of these challenges, which often extend to socioeconomic realms.

Malnutrition, a silent crisis affecting countless lives, is a battle we confront head-on. By emphasising the importance of proper nourishment and facilitating access to resources, we are striving to ensure that no individual is left without the basic sustenance they need to thrive. Our commitment to addressing poor eyesight extends beyond providing optical assistance; we recognize clear vision as a fundamental right that enhances overall quality of life and contributes to an individual's ability to engage fully in society.

Mental health lies at the heart of our mission. We understand that the struggles of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues are not isolated battles, but rather collective challenges that demand a compassionate and inclusive response. By creating safe spaces for dialogue, offering support systems, and promoting awareness, we work diligently to dismantle the barriers that prevent individuals from seeking help and hinder societal understanding.

But our mission doesn't end with mitigating challenges; it extends to fostering opportunities. We are committed to enhancing living standards and overall well-being by providing carefully curated and supported pathways to development. Through education, skill-building, and access to resources, we enable communities to chart their own paths to growth, unlocking their full potential and contributing positively to the broader world.

Every step we take is guided by the spirit of collaboration. We work hand in hand with the communities we serve, recognising that sustainable change is only possible when individuals are empowered to be architects of their own futures. By nurturing these partnerships and celebrating the diverse strengths of each community, we build a global network of interconnectedness where the well-being of one becomes the concern of all.

At We Value You (C.I.C.), our mission is more than a statement; it's a call to action. We invite individuals, organisations, and society at large to join us on this transformative journey of empowerment, growth, and shared humanity. Together, we can redefine the narrative of what's possible, and create a world where the values of care, empathy, and progress guide every step we take.


Projects in development


Capability Solutions

By positioning capability solutions deep within community education and youth work provision, and by enhancing relief capability through sustained commercial solutions that define the solution for that community we can support and empower entire communities to improve their

development and give them the support they need that will greatly enhance and strengthen their mind sets into more positive territory and help them to work with their own lives in a more managed way.


Root Causes

Only then can communities address the root causes of serious problems such as: alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, domestic violence and abuse, as well as heart disease, cancer, and other chronic diseases that are more often than not derived through poor communities.

Often such services cost money to access but through the We Value You Relief Fund a large part of this solution will be free to access making it more reachable and more engaging.


The Solution

The We Value You service is designed to sell goods and services and put those profits back into a relief fund available for sustained health improvement. This works through We Value You selling its services and all profits supporting health improvement which is proven through data to decrease ill health in the communities we work in.

Often such services cost money to access but through the We Value You Relief Fund services a large part of this solution will be free to access making it more reachable and more engaging.


The We Value You Strategy


Collaborative and research-focused provisions which exist to build vital capability deep inside communities; to transform the provision of solutions and enhance people’s health impact across geographic areas within the UK.


Our Objectives are to deliver proven solutions/models and deploy them for the betterment of people.

They will benefit from safer decent homes through improved living standards, a more recognised benefit service for the UK care community through a Care Club and a commercial solution that provides wide ranging support mechanism for the blind community.

This will have the effect of improved health, wellbeing, wealth and reduced mental health/anxiety/ with a more self-managed teaching.


We specialise in enablement for others through sustained commercial models that provide circular self-rotating solutions (SRS) that supports sustainable development without the need for continued cash calls after launch.

We work on worldwide issues.


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This is a multi-layered approach to solving problems. Each project delivers a self-sustainable funding mechanism via commerce.