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Property Health Services

PHS is a health and well-being solutions specialists’ provider. This service provides a solution to resolve the issues within the domestic lettings industry.

It is a health and wellbeing corrective upgrade service for Landlords to help them make improvements to their rented homes and also to make them safe.

In the UK there are over 14 million rented properties and 45% of them fall below the governments human habitation standards and as a result people who live in these properties suffer from a wide range of ill health issues such as mental health, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem.

This has a cost to the taxpayer of £800 million per annum in England alone.

PHS has developed a unique quality assured service of its own with its own accreditation to maintain those standards. It resolves around a suite of risk assessments which reduce costs to the Landlords themselves and should any property fail the Human Habitation Survey, PHS will set about upgrading the property to ensure it meets the governments standards.

This is done through a bespoke PHS discretionary remedial repairs service at no additional charge to the Landlords. This covers low level repairs only however, if the repair is greater than this then PHS will provide a grant to the Landlord to help reduce the costs for a third-party trades person to fix the issue.

The founder of PHS has personally seen just under 4,000 rented homes over nine years and this model has been proven to work.

The mission here is to risk assess 10,000 homes by end of 2025 and gather more data on the health of tenants and to monitor those tenants facing ill health and prove further that their health improves with property greater property care and repair.

Help us raise £150k to continue this mission.

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PHS Green

It's inevitable that we humans must ALL act swiftly to restore order for the planet, it's going out of control and is impacting already millions of people’s lives.

THIS MUST CHANGE and PHS Green makes utility changes at no additional costs to the clients we serve. Our fee is a consultancy fee based on savings. It's easy to engage and has no lock ins.

The Problem is that consumers do not understand where their energy comes from, nor do they have the time to find out nor do they understand the complicated unnecessary charges levied upon them.

PHS Green does, and we want our clients to be freed by those strangleholds so they can save money, feel better and know they are actually helping to restore planetary order.This is a highly derived skill based on expert industry knowledge to reduce people’s energy bills without disruption to their energy services.

PHS Green guarantees to reduce 30% plus on any current energy bill and to provide people with freedom of choice with no lock ins or complicated contracts. We believe that people should receive the true services which also reduce global energy demands and reduce harmful issues for the planet.


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