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Therapy Pets

Therapy Pets, where compassion meets companionship! At We Value You, we believe in the extraordinary power of the human-animal connection, and we're on a mission to make that connection accessible to everyone. Our concept website is dedicated to commercialise funding for Therapy Pets, recognising the invaluable role they play in enhancing mental and emotional well-being.

In a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming, the unconditional love and support provided by therapy pets offer a unique and transformative form of therapy. Whether it's a comforting nuzzle, a wagging tail, or a gentle purr, these furry companions have the incredible ability to uplift spirits, reduce stress, and provide a source of joy for individuals facing various challenges.

At Therapy Pets, our mission is to facilitate and promote the integration of therapeutic animals into the lives of individuals who can benefit from their presence. We are committed to:

Accessibility: We strive to make therapy pets accessible to a diverse range of individuals, regardless of their background, abilities, or circumstances. By commercialising funding, we aim to break down financial barriers and ensure that the healing companionship of therapy pets is available to all.

Advocacy: We advocate for the recognition of the therapeutic benefits of the human-animal bond. Through educational initiatives and community outreach, we aim to raise awareness about the positive impact therapy pets can have on mental and emotional well-being.

Ethical Treatment: We prioritise the welfare and ethical treatment of animals. Our commitment to responsible pet ownership and ethical breeding practices ensures that therapy pets are happy, healthy, and well-suited for their vital roles in providing support and comfort.

Community Building: We foster a supportive and inclusive community where individuals can connect, share their stories, and find encouragement. Through our platform, we aim to build a network of individuals passionate about the well-being of both humans and animals.

Sponsor Therapy Pets, where every contribution and connection helps create a world where the healing power of Therapy Pets is within reach for everyone in need. Together, we can make a paw-sitive impact on mental health and well-being.


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ALL sponsors will receive a regular bi-monthly report of progress with human health improvement audits from any area we work in.

This is a multi-layered approach to solving problems. Each project delivers a self-sustainable funding mechanism via commerce.